Yes, We need your Instagram account login info because We are using your account to grow your target followers. No third-party accounts will be used. However, we assure you that privacy and safety are of the highest priority to us and we will keep the information secured.
To increase the number of followers, there are two ways of doing it. One is your account appearing in the list of suggested users to others and your posts appearing on the explore page and on the top posts of hashtags. While this is implemented using our secret technique of following certain accounts and using certain hashtags, another way to increase followers is by increasing the traffic coming to an account. This is done by liking and commenting on others posts or following and viewing their stories etc, so that your profile appears on their notifications. We pick the users that are to be targeted based on their liking history and we interact only with those accounts so that not only the account grows organically, its also very directed and powerful.
Please click on the “How it works’ tab on the menu.
One day free trial is available to all accounts except to personal accounts and new accounts ( Accounts with less than 1000 Followers).
The one day free trial is free and no credit card information is required.
Yes. We will be unfollowing all the accounts which doesn’t follow back or those accounts which do follow back but haven’t interacted with any of our posts.
Famegram is 100% safe for your account. We do not use APIs and we use private proxies for each of your accounts and we are well within the limits.
We use private and residential proxies for your accounts which keep rotating. Which means the location is dynamic and cant be traced and hence the most secured way
If you donot get 2500 followers by the end of 30days, we will either return the money calculated on pro rata basis or we will serve you till you obtain 2500 followers. Similarly for other plans.
Yes. You can always request for a change in the target audience and we will update the changes within 24 hours.

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