Free Trial

►Only accounts with 10000+ followers are eligible. This is to prevent misuse of the trial by smaller accounts. For all purchases, we do give you a 1day refund policy. In other words, if you donot like the service and if you ask for a refund after 1 day of service, we will refund in full, no questions asked. This is the same as a free one day trial for all practical purposes.
►Free Trial will be given at the discretion of Famegram. An application does not warranty a trial necessarily

►The trial is given for 2-4 hours. Applicants get 40-100 followers within this time period. Our entire process is automated and this is large enough a sample in most cases to check if the followers are real/targeted
►IMPORTANT: The current plans DONOT require your password. Please fill N/A in the password field.

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