How it works

We DONOT sell followers. We grow accounts! Everyone who would follow you, would only follow you if they like what you post. No one is forced to follow you nor there is any incentive given to any of the users to follow you! AND we absolutely DONOT deal with bots/fake followers. And because of this, growth that you get is the most organic growth that one can expect and engagement rates are sky high!

DM Plans
1. We determine and extract your target audience after you give us your preferences. The target audience can be filtered using their interests, their location, gender.
2. We send Dms to your extracted Targeted audience via our own maintained accounts along with a link to your profile. Your account is not used in anyway. Your profiled is shared till the time you gain your assured number of followers.
Interested people click on the profile and when they like the profile, they start following you. Engagement rates are upwards of 15% and our clients end up on the explore page, more often than not
3. Your password is NOT required for growth via DMs

MS Plans

1. We determine and extract your target audience after you give us your preferences. The target audience can be filtered using their interests, their location, gender.
2. Child accounts are created. A child account is an account which reposts content from your main profile and is identical to your actual profile.
3. The child accounts follow and like posts of your target audience, there by gaining followers in the process. The child accounts then send Dms to the people who followed them, to go and follow the main account. Thus all the traffic is funneled to the main account
. Password is not required for growth using MS

FAQs for all Plans

►How to Buy a plan?

Contact us on Whatsapp – +91 9885-915-915. We will assist you with choosing the best plan suited to your profile and your needs. We will send you an email with the plan and payment details. As simple as that!

► Is there a free trial?
We do! However, only accounts with 10000+ followers are eligible to apply. This is to prevent misuse of the trial by smaller accounts. For smaller accounts, we do give you a 1day, no questions asked refund policy. If you dont like the service, you can ask for a refund. It will be processed, no questions asked! It would be the same as a free one day trial for all practical purposes

► Can I customise a plan for myself?
Absolutely yes! Contact us on Whatsapp and we will give you a quotation, the best possible price ofcourse!

► Can I pay in Installments?
No. All our plans are one time payment plans. Again for the simple reason that most of expenditure is in setting it up initially.

► How do I know the plans would work?
We have been growing accounts for more than 4 years now. And when you sign up for a plan, you will see targeted traffic coming to your page almost the same day as we start. You can review this for 7 days and if you are not happy, we will issue a full refund, no questions asked within the first 7 days! Fair enough right?

► Is this safe? Will my account get blocked?
The DM and MS plans are 100% safe. Since we do not use your own account in anyway, its technically impossible for your account to be affected in anyway whatsoever.

► Is there any assurance on the number of followers that I can gain with each plan? 

Each plan has a range that is mentioned on the plan details. The lower number is the minimum assurance that each plan gives. However, the ranges are pretty wide as the growth would depend on the Niche, content etc. If you can contact us on Whatsapp, we can give you a real time estimate of the number of followers that you can expect for your profile!


► Why are your prices so high?

They are not! Absolutely not! We offer the lowest prices that you can find anywhere in the world! Should you find any service offering a better price, we will do it at 20% less what they offer! That’s our promise!
We have to reiterate that WE GROW accounts. We DONOT SELL followers. With super targeted audience and highly engaging profiles, our prices cannot be compared to those who sell followers which are fake!


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