Terms and Policies

Returns and cancellation – In case the plan is cancelled by either parties, by Famegram or by the client, refunds will be pro rated taking the cost of the plan one step below the actual plan. This is to cover for the operational and the set up costs.

For example, X buys celebrity gold which assures 70000 followers and costs INR 49999, and wishes to cancel after gaining 10000 followers, then the cost for these 10000 followers will be pro rated by taking celebrity Silver plans cost into consideration. Since celebrity silver costs 17999 for 14000 followers, it would be assumed that approximately INR 12850 is spent for 10000 followers this would be deducted from INR 49999 and the balance amount of INR 37149 will be refunded. Similarly, if one purchases Influencer silver and wishes to cancel after sometime, the refunds will be pro rated taking influencer Basic plan’s price into consideration. And if the total deduction comes to less than 4000, a minimum of INR 4000 will be deducted and the balance will be refunded. No refunds are given for basic plans.

Refund policy is only applicable to the plans purchased via the website. All the plans that are purchased via Bank transfers/UPI, no refunds are given in case of a cancellation by either parties and famegram reserves the right to cancel any plan without any prior notification.

The assurance of the number of followers stands good under the assumption that all the provided ways of interaction like auto follow, auto like etc are enabled without any restriction on certain modes of interaction by the client.

The assurance of the number of followers stands good under the assumption that, no gained follower is blocked by the client.

A plan is automatically terminated if the client changes their username or password without prior intimation to the concerned account manager, either via Whatsapp or via email. The plan is terminated if the account is turned private as no followers can be gained in such a case. No refunds will be given in such cases

The assurance of the number of followers stands good under the assumption that all the relevant suggestions given by the account manager are implemented by the client.

The number of gained followers are counted as the difference in the number of follows of the client’s account at the end of the service and the number of followers of the client’s account at the time of starting the service. If you have purchased bot followers previously, then the drop due to bots will be estimated by the account manager in the first week of the service and the assured number of followers will be adjusted accordingly.

The security and safety of the account is the responsibility of the client. Famegram in not responsible for any loss/damage to the account in anyway.

Clients are free to email/whatsapp us 24/7. However we try to respond within 24 hours and it should only be taken as the average time to respond.

It is assumed that the clients understand that there might be a few anomalies in the target audience since there is no perfect way to determine the accounts gender or location.

We reserve the right to terminate the service at any point of time without prior intimation. Refunds calculated as mentioned above for any of the growth related plans will be actioned within 14 working days. In case of any discrepancies that are not mentioned above, the decision of the management will be final.

Refunds for verification related plans take between 45-180 working days.

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